Tecumseh Carburetor Diagram

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21″ Troy Built Snow King Snow-blower…?

My father has one of these snow-blowers and it won’t run on a low throttle. He’s already changed the gas, etc. He believes it is the carburetor. It is a Tecumseh Model HSK 70 Carburetor. He bought parts (a needle and seat) & I found a HSK 70 diagram online for him to look at. Does anyone know how to put the carburetor back together (just in case he can’t)? Also, any suggestions as to why the snow-blower isn’t working? Thanks so much in advance for your answers!

If it’ll start up and run on high throttle… I’d leave it alone. I never even use a low throttle setting. I run at high throttle and shut it off when done. Works great. The only time I would consider using a lower throttle setting is if I was taking a break… better to just shut it off at that point – safer too. FYI.. the carb may be fine and your throttle cable may need adjustment.

Tecumseh 5hp Carb rebuild Pt 1

Tecumseh Carburetor.


Tecumseh Carburetor.

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  • mz:

    watched less than a minute; holding his hand up to the camera with the carb completely out of view is worthless – appreciate the effort, but doesn’t help a bit

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