Tecumseh Carburetor Rebuild

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When it comes to rebuild Tecumseh carburetor it is very easy to do. I have been working with Tecumseh carburetor for many years I did find most of Tecumseh carburetor are the same except for adjustment nozzle under the carburetor. there is a few efferent ones some long and some very short. but they all have one job to do witch control the mixer of gas and air. Go here to find more info and parts:



  • Understanding and adjustments of Tecumseh carburetor parts to an engine has been made easier by the Tecumseh carburetor guide. The information provided on the website is useful for carrying out repairs, re-assemble, adjustments, troubleshooting, and to find out whether you require a new spare part for your engine or not.

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    • This short clip comes from a full length DVD that is over 2 hours long. It cotnains a ton of information specific to Holley carburetor installation, tuning and troubleshooting. The reason the keywords carburetor install are in the title is because of the obvious reason that that’s the title of the DVD We did post a specific video related to the installation section of the DVD, just go to the BoxWrench channel here on YT and you’ll find more carb videos.

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