Tecumseh Engines Carburetor

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My lawn mower won’t start and sprays gas out of the muffler when I pull the starting cord.?

Is it the float in my carburetor? It is an old Murray with a 3.5 HP Tecumseh engine. What should I do? It isn’t worth much, I’m sure. Thanks.

Those old Tecumseh’s are like bullet-proof! Full choke that sucker and rapid pull many times, swiftly….It should pop off and burn off the excess. Make sure it’s fresh fuel if it hasn’t been run for awhile. It’ll run.

Carburetor Cleaning & TUNE-UP of Toro 6.5HP Lawnmower with Tecumseh Engine

Tecumseh Carburetor.


Tecumseh Carburetor.

  • Bob:

    Have a 6.5hp Tecumseh in a riding mower. Need specific instructions on how to take the carburetor off. Not the normal carb like on a 3.5hp. Thanks. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Troubleshooting is a symptom based sreeis of tests in a logical order to determine which part of a system is at fault. My problem engine (B&S 120212/117E1) fires two or three times but will not run. It has great spark and excellent compression. Valves are correctly gapped. Good new fuel is getting into the combustion chamber (wet plug), still only fires twice or thrice.Crank/cam timing marks are spot on. New key for the flywheel. These things triple-checked.

  • robert norris:

    the gasket on the carb bowl is shot on my Toro 6.5. I have attempted to seal it several different ways and it will run for a while till air starts to get in. Where can i get a new carb bowl seal???

    • JohnnyYes stabilizer sholud go into both tanks. look on label to see the correct amount of stabilizer per gallon of gas. You also may want adjust the gap on the valves. Some small engines they will get out of adjustment after not to many hours.

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